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 Voices around the world are demanding leadership in 2015 on poverty, inequality and climate change. These universal challenges demand
 global action, and this year presents unprecedented opportunities for achieving the future we want.

What kind of future will we live in? What will Montenegro look like in 2030? These questions are very hard to answer, for sure, as the future is getting more and more uncertain. But that’s not the reason to sit and wait for the future to happen.


What do the young people in Montenegro want? What are their aspirations? Which challenges do they face? What are their chances at the rapidly changing labour market of modern era? Youth Empowerment Programme in Montenegro




More than 12.000 people of Montenegro, which makes 2% of country’s population, were actively involved within a two-stage process of national Post-2015 consultations.



  A one-floor so-called “smart” building, is conceptualised to combine energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technology and modern design, and it smoothly fits in the landscape between the two bridges on the river Morača. The building brings together UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR and IOM to work under one roof within the Delivering as One framework.

UN Montenegro news

Taking oath of office, António Guterres pledges to work for peace, development and a reformed United Nations

Sworn in today as the ninth and next United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres pledged to reposition development at the centre of the Organization’s work and ensure that the UN can change to effectively meet the myriad challenges facing the international community. “The United Nations needs to be nimble, efficient and effective. It must...

16 Days of Activism Against Vioence Against Women: Love and Violence

"I'm sick of violence," says 19-year-old Pavle Prelević, explaining his motivation to take part in the play "Love and violence", which was produced within this year's campaign 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women. Through an innovative and participatory way, the play is tailored for high school students to help them recognize and better...

A strong collaborative effort to ensure vaccine safety

Can a vaccine cause a particular adverse reaction? Is there a causal relationship between a particular medical occurrence following immunization and the usage of a vaccine? How can we increase public confidence in the vaccine? These questions are just some of the issues raised at the sub-regional training workshop on surveillance and causality...

In the spotlight

UN Montenegro in action

Sealing the joint vision of strategic cooperation

The new strategic document on Government-UN cooperation for the period 2017-2021 was signed at the ninth session Joint Country...
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Merging forces to design Youth Strategy for Montenegro

The vision, expected outcomes, goals and implementation mechanisms for the new National Youth Strategy were defined during the...
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Enabling Life of Dignity for all Children

OpEd By the UNICEF Representative to Montenegro, Benjamin Perks.   Almost 100 years ago a boy named Toma died of hunger in a village...
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Networking in clusters for sustainable business

Better approach to market, increased competitiveness and improved promotion of products were at the very heart of a two-year Cluster...
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Cycling for Green Future

Podgorica, 30 January 2016 – More than 150 cyclists took part in a 29th Critical Mass bicycle ride in Montenegrin capital organised by...
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Vox Populi on SDGs in Montenegro

Citizens of the world created the new Development Plan 2030. More than 8 million of them. Montenegro has played an important role in...
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Preparing for the future(s): Foresight, citizens’ insights and serious games

OpEd by Ana Dautovic, Marija Novkovic, originally published on UNDG’s Silo Fighters Most people feel that the future is linear:...
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Back home: Six refugee families return to Kosovo

A grey, cloudy morning in the Konik I refugee camp on the outskirts of Podgorica did not seem to herald an exciting development. The...
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