All reports and publications produced by the UN Montenegro you can also find in the UN Montenegro online library, on a platform specialised for storing PDF files and equipped with user-friendly online reading module.


2013 Montenegro Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey – Key findings – UNICEF, June 2014
Download: English /2.7MB/  Montenegrin /2.8MB/2013 Montenegro MICS Key Findings – Infographics – UNICEF, June 2014
Download: English /3.4MB/  Montenegrin /3.5MB/2013 Montenegro Roma settlements Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey – Key findings – UNICEF, June 2014Download: English /3.1MB/  Montenegrin /3.2MB/

Study on the Obstacles to Education in Montenegro: Roma and Egyptian Children – UNICEF, 2013
Download: English /3.9MB/  Montenegrin /2.9MB/

State of the World’s Children – SOWC – UNICEF, 2013
Download: English /3.3MB/  Montenegrin /2.9MB/

Child poverty study 2012 – UNICEF, 2012
Download: English /21MB/  Montenegrin /22MB/

Children in Montenegro – Data from the 2011 Census – UNICEF, 2012
Download: English /14.5MB/  Montenegrin /14.5/

Inclusion of children with disability – UNICEF, 2012
Download: English /3.8MB/  Montenegrin /3.5MB/

It’s About Ability
Download: English /0.9MB/   Montenegrin /1MB/

The Guide on Child Rights
Download: Montenegrin /15MB/

KAP Survey on children and climate change
Download: English /1.2MB/;  Montenegrin /1.7MB/

Facts for life
Download: English /3.5MB/  Montenegrin /3.5MB/

Strategy for early and preschool education (2010-2015)
Download: English /37MB/  Montenegrin /35MB/

Survey on road safety (UNICEF, 2010)
Download: English /1.6MB PDF/; Montenegrin /1.6MB PDF/

UNICEF – National Plan of Action for Children
Download: English 1 /969KB PDF/ English 2 /376KB PDF/ Montenegrin /2.3MB PDF/

Montenegro Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2005
Download: English /2MB/  Montenegrin /2MB/



Integrated UN Programme 2017-2021
Download: English /5.9MB PDF/; Montenegrin /6.3MB PDF/

Integrated UN Programme 2012-2016
Download: English /1.5MB PDF/; Montenegrin /890KB PDF/



Resident Coordinator Annual Report – RCAR 2013
Link: UNDG – RCAR 2013 Montenegro

Resident Coordinator Annual Report – RCAR 2012
Download: English /1.2MB/ 
Link: UNDG – RCAR 2012 Montenegro

Resident Coordinator Annual Report – RCAR 2011
Download: English /1.2MB/
Link: UNDG – RCAR 2011 Montenegro

Resident Coordinator Annual Report – RCAR 2010
Link: UNDG – RCAR 2010 Montenegro

Resident Coordinator Annual Report – RCAR 2009
Link: UNDG – RCAR 2009 Montenegro

Link: United Nations Development Group – UNDG: Resident Coordinator Annual Reports


Outcome Document of the V High Level Intergovernmental Conference on Delivering as One
– June 2012, Tirana, Albania “The United Nations we want – our commitment to the way forward”

Download: English /210KB/

Presentation on Delivering as One/Integrated UN Programme in Montenegro
Download: English

MPTF Office Newsletter 1st Qtr 2011
Download: English /842 KB pdf/

United Nations in Montenegro (ppt presentation)
Download: English /2 MB ppt/; Montenegrin /2 MB ppt/

High Level Tripartite Conference, Hanoi, 14-16 June 2010
Download: Outcome Document 
Download: Donors Statement


Special Report – Ending Statelessness within 10 years, 2014
Download: English /6.2MB/  Montenegrin /1.5MB/Regional Housing Programme
Download: English /3.7MB/  Montenegrin /850KB/Study on Durable Solutions for Konik Residents
Government of Montenegro & UN System in Montenegro
Download: English /2.6MB/  Montenegrin /2.8MB/The Report on the Legal Status of Persons Living in the Area of the Konik Camp with Recommendation for its Improvement
Government of Montenegro & UN System in Montenegro
Download: English /0.6MB/  Montenegrin /0.7MB/

Booklet ‘Civil Registration and the Prevention of Statelessness: A Survey of Roma, Ashkaelia and Egyptians (RAE) in Montenegro’
(UNHCR and UNICEF, 2009)

Download: English /0.75MB PDF/; Montenegrin /1MB PDF/

Estimate of Refugees and Displaced Persons in South-Eastern Europe as at 30 June 2010
Download: English


Labour market transitions of young women and men in Montenegro
Download: English /2MB/  Montenegrin /2.5MB/
UNIDO Director General’s brochure: Introduction to Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development
Download: English /3MB/
The Western Balkans Environmental Programme: Review of Policy Integration and Capacity Development Need Assessment Studies
Download: English /1.4MB/;
Cluster Mapping -Durmitor Region
Download: English /4.5MB/;
Diagnostic Study Cluster -Organic Crop Production
Download: English /1.8MB/;
Diagnostic Study Cluster -Sawn Wood
Download: English /1.5MB/;
Environmental Monitoring and Field Surveillance Reference Guide
Download: English /0.8MB/


Action Plan for achieving gender equality in Montenegro in the period from 2013 to 2017 
Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, January 2013
Download: Montenegrin /1MB/

Study on family violence and violence against women in Montenegro 
UNDP Gender IPA Programme, July 2012
Download: English /0.5MB/
Women in Politics 
UNDP Gender IPA Programme, June 2012
Download: English /2.4MB/


Health impacts of air pollution in Montenegro
WHO Montenegro
Download: English /1,7MB/ Montenegrin /1.2MB/
Integrity Assessment of the Health Care System in Montenegro
Download: English /5.6MB/;  Montenegrin /1.3MB/
Strategy for optimization of Secondary and Tertiary Health Care levels with implementation action plan
Download: English /2MB/;  Montenegrin /2.5MB/
WHO – Biennal Collaborative Agreement 2010-2011
Download: English /75KB PDF/


MDGs & POST-2015 
Participatory Monitoring for Accountability – 2nd Report – 25 July 2014
Download: English /6.7MB/ Montenegrin /6.8MB/Mapping Report on Participatory Monitoring for Accountability in Montenegro
Download: English /1.7MB/  Montenegrin /1.6MB/MDG Acceleration Framework Report
Download: English/4.2MB/   Montenegrin/5MB/Report on Millennium Development Goals in Montenegro 2010–2013
Download: English /1.4MB/  Montenegrin /1.3MB/

Report on Post-2015 National Consultations in Montenegro
Download: English /1.3MB/  Montenegrin /1.3MB/

Medium-term Report on Millennium Development Goals in Montenegro
Download: English /1.8MB PDF/; Montenegrin /1.8MB PDF/

UN MDG Progress Report in Montenegro 2012
Download: Montenegrin /1.3MB PDF/

UN MDG Report in Montenegro 2011
Download: Montenegrin /2.4MB PDF/

UN MDG Report 2010
Download: English /6.6MB PDF/

European Commission Montenegro Progress Report 2009
Download: English /355KB PDF/

Montenegro’s first MDG Report 2004
Download: English /1.3MB PDF/ Montenegrin /1.3MB PDF/


Regional Human Development Report 2016 – Risk-Proofing the Western Balkans: Empowering People to Prevent Disasters
Download: English /20MB/  Bosnian /22MB/National Human Development Report 2016 – Informal Work: From Challenges to Solutions
Download: English /4.7MB/  Montenegrin /5MB/National Human Development Report 2014: Resource efficiency and sustainable human development
UNDP, November 2014
Download: English /5.3MB/  Montenegrin /5.4MB/NHDR 2014 Summary 
Download: English /1.5MB/  Montenegrin /1.5MB/ 

NHDR 2013 – National Human Development Report: “People are the real wealth of the country. How rich is Montenegro?”
UNDP, January 2013
Download: English /32MB/  Montenegrin /20MB/

NHDR 2013 Summary 
Download: English /2MB/  Montenegrin /1.5MB/

UNDP – National Human Development Report 2009 
Download: English/1.4MB PDF/; Montenegrin/2.2MB PDF/



Findings and recommendations for development of community based social services Summary 2011
Download: English /0.4MB/;  Montenegrin /0.4MB/