Certificates presented to the eighth generation of “Legal Clinic” graduates

Podgorica, 26 June 2013
On behalf of the World Refugee Dayforty-two students of the postgraduate specialist studies of the Legal Clinic Programme received certificates after successfully completing the UNHCR supported programme designed  to introduce students to refugee law and to increase awareness among young graduates. The eighth generation of the Legal Clinic graduates started their one-semester course in March and completed it in May 2013.

Ms. Indu Mohandas, Representative of UNHCR said she was encouraged to see the interest and the active participation of the students in moot court sessions. When more and more people are leaving their own countries for various reasons, it is important that we have an understanding of the different reasons of flight, distinguish their needs and develop appropriate systems instituted to handle them", said Mohandas.
Besides providing a global perspective of the mandate of UNHCR and its work, it also provides an opportunity for students to discuss and share their thoughts on people forced to leave their homes, countries and at times, even families.

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, Dr Ivana Jelić, who runs the Legal Clinic, pointed out that contemporary contents, such as the Legal Clinic, represent a benefit both for the faculty and the students. She announced the continued cooperation with UNHCR on future clinics.
“The overall experience with the Clinic is very positive. I think that previously students had no opportunity to get in touch with refugee law so far, and the Legal Clinic was the way to change it ”, said Željko Vukčević, one of the students who received the certificate.
The Legal Clinic Programme has operated since 2008 through cooperation between the Faculty of Law of the University of Montenegro and the UNHCR Representation in Montenegro. Through a series of lectures delivered by the Faculty and UNHCR’s officers, students have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with human rights/international law in general, and specifically the basics of refugee law.