Change is here to stay


“A change is the only constant here” – a metaphor to describe there is no alternative for UN reform was the light motive of a two-hours interactive session aimed at broadening understanding of “Delivering as One” reform among UN staff in Montenegro. It was facilitated by Ciarán Beary, an experienced UN consultant specialised in training various UN entities for improving performances within the Delivering as One context.

Through an inspiring presentation, Mr. Beary explained “Delivering as One” reform from a specific, behavioral angle. “Change is behavioral choice. By making a decision to be a DaO self-starter, UN Montenegro made its choice. And that choice is to be celebrated”, said him and emphasized that one of the most important roles of the UN is to facilitate the change in the country, stressing the importance of being prepared for it. “Change does hurt if we are not careful. We need to support each other and to challenge each other”, said Beary, praising valuable potential of different UN agencies’ diversity.

“But the breadth and diversity of the UN system is not only an advantage, it can also be a challenge. Often it’s difficult for different organizations to plan and work together strategically. Some partners and donors still see the UN’s field operations as too cumbersome and plagued by duplication in programming”, Beary stated, highlighting necessity of the reform of United Nations.

“Delivering as One is a key driver of UN reform and it is also a irreversible process”, said he and referred to a number of DaO benefits including greater efficiency, cost reduction, increased development impact through bringing the agencies’ energy together, easier communications with partners, primarily Government, etc..

Leading all participants through an interesting and symbolic exercise about necessity and beneficial effects of networking, mutual support and close cooperation, Mr. Beary clearly illustrated limiting frontiers of working in silos and advantages of working together.

“Delivering as One means overcoming fragmented UN agency governance, harmonizing and simplifying procedures, planning together strategically for maximum development impact. By working together, UN System aligns its activities more with national development priorities. It becomes more responsive, transparent and accountable to host countries’ governments”, said Beary.

Speaking of UN in the middle income countries, he reminded of unique advantage of UN in bringing worldwide knowledge, upstream advice and bridge making as the core of UN work.

UN employees were also very active in opinion exchange, expressing highly positive attitude and optimism regarding Delivering as One. The session confirmed increased cohesion among UN entities in Montenegro, proving that greatest efficiency lies in step-by-step strategy.

Prior to Delivering as One session for UN staff in Montenegro, Ciarán Beary facilitated a two-days training for the UN Montenegro Joint Communications Team, aimed at improving team’s performances and clarifying the vision of the JCT’s future role within the UN Family in Montenegro.

Delivering as One Power Point presentation by Ciaran Beary