Children with and without disabilities enjoy jazz together in Bijelo Polje

BIJELO POLJE – More than 50 children with and without disabilities danced and sang famous Disney Jazz songs with UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Rambo Amadeus and jazz musicians in Bijelo Polje on Saturday, July 2.

Jazz for Kids workshop was organized within the fifth edition of the Whitefield Jazz Festival, which joined the It’s about ability campaign this year.

“I love music and this is so much fun, because it’s live music and we are all dancing and singing together.” said one of the children during the workshop. “I wish we had these workshops every Saturday” added a friend of hers.

The workshop started with jazz musicians giving a child-friendly version of the history of jazz and introducing each musical instrument to the children. Then, the jazz band started playing and children seemed hypnotized by the music. After a while, nobody was sitting anymore – children, parents, jazz musicians, journalists – everyone was dancing and singing jazz.

“Many surveys prove benefits of musical therapy. It helps children improve their gross and fine motor skills, aids in academic achievement, improves social interaction skills and helps with communication. This workshop confirms it.” said one of the parents of children with disabilities.

After almost 2 hours of enjoying the jazz music, children wanted to share with the jazz musicians some of their songs and dances. 11 year old Ida’s Gypsy dance left the audience exhilarated and breathless, with hands sore from clapping.

According to the jazz musicians, jazz is a perfect musical expression of the It’s about ability campaign. “One can learn a lot from a jazz band where each musician improvises and at the same time they all function perfectly as a team and make an amazing musical conversation. It’s similar to the inclusive society that the It’s about ability campaign is about – a society where every individual is free to express himself/herself and has a chance to participate actively in the life of the society in harmony with his/her potentials” explained one of the jazz musicians.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Rambo Amadeus, also the founder and artistic director of the Whitefield Jazz Festival, hopes that it will inspire other artists to do similar things. “We will continue doing similar activities in future editions of the Whitefield Jazz Festival. Hopefully, we will inspire Montenegrin artists to contribute to the building of an inclusive society in Montenegro by founding choruses, orchestras, dance ensembles, theatre plays, etc. with children with and without disabilities.” concludes UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Rambo Amadeus.


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