Day care centre for children with disabilities opened in municipality of Plav

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Suad Numanović, Mayor of Plav Skender Šarkinovic and UNICEF Representative Benjamin Perks opened today a Day Care Centre for children with disabilities in the North-Eastern Montenegrin Municipality of Plav.

The opening happened just four days after a young advocate for inclusion, Filip Bošković, asked the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Suad Numanović about the progress on establishing a network of Day Care Centres throughout Montenegro during the children’s session of National Parliament. The Minister Numanovic replied inviting Filip to join him in the opening of the Day Care Centre in Plav.

“The Minister kept the promise regarding the Day Care Centre and I want to invite him to meet my classmates, my school and my Municipality,” said Filip Bošković.

It is planned that around 20 children with disabilities attend this Plav’s Day Care Centre. They will be engaged in various educational and creative activities with professionals and they will return to their families at the end of the day.

In this way, parents of children with disabilities can work, have their children live with them at home and include them in the life of the local community.

“It will be much easier for us, and for the children to meet friends, to learn something new so they can be more independent,’’ said Razija Markišić, parent of a child with disability.

‘’We hope that our children will meet other children at the Day Care Centre,’’ said Gutic Rabla.

“This Centre will be providing the services for children and youth with disabilities –  medical, physiotherapy, speech therapy and all other types of services that children with disability might need,” said Branka Djukić, Director of Plav’s Centre for Social Work.

Creating a network of Day Care Centres in all municipalities throughout Montenegro is a key aspect of Social Welfare reform in Montenegro.

‘’This is the 6th Day Center we are opening in Montenegro and 3rd to be opened  in the Northern region of the country. Certainly, there will be more Day Care Centers in Montenegro, because we will soon open a Day Care Centre in Berane, Cetinje and Mojkovac, where we have already started construction works. We expect to open a Day Care Centre in Bar by the end of next year. The ultimate goal is to open day care centres in all municipalities in Montenegro,’’ said Suad Numanović, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare.

Article 23 of the UN CRC refers to the rights of children with disabilities guaranteeing them the right to special care, education and training to help them enjoy a full and decent life in dignity and achieve the greatest degree of self-reliance and social integration possible.

‘’By changing attitudes through things like the “It’s About Ability’ campaign by expanding schools and other childhood services where children can be integrated, by supporting families to ensure that children with disabilities are kept and grow and are nurtured in a family environment. Expanding Day Care Centres across Montenegro is important part of that and the North has been very good example with 4 Day Care Centres at the North,’’ said Benjamin Perks UNICEF Representative.

Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare announced the opening of Day Care Centre in Municipality of Berane by the end of 2011.


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