Dialogue with young people on UN Day 2014


Podgorica-Cetinje, 24 October 2014

Position of Montenegro in the United Nations and in the overall global processes, seen from the youth perspective, was at the heart of this year's celebration of the UN Day in Montenegro.

In an open dialogue, more than 30 young people discussed human rights, development, peace and security with the Government and UN representatives in Montenegro. 
"I think that nature is giving us one more chance to be actively engaged, and to use all the disposable resources for its preservation,” said high-school student, Balša Vujošević. He called on combating the extreme poverty is bringing the opportunity for the world to become stable and sustainable.
"In order to achieve that, we all need to work together and to make our governments to listen to us and to undertake measures that are most important for people everywhere. We are obliged to this by our membership in the United Nations," Balša concluded.
Dijana Lukovac, young person with disabilities, referred to her personal experience and to key challenges which disabled persons face. “First of all, I would point out to shortage of professional staff within the health system for treating persons with disabilities. Also, we face serious problem with employment of young people with disabilities. And the last thing I wanted to highlight is the problem with discrimination against persons with disabilities, which has not yet been eradicated," Dijana said.
Young people reflected on different aspects concerning their role in development of the country. 

Andrej Vukčević, a high school student, stressed out that children are also a vulnerable group, exactly because they are children and because they depend on adults. “But it doesn’t mean that the adults should think instead of us and to decide instead of us. I think that we indeed have a right to decide," Andrej said. 

The commemoration of the UN Day was organized in accordance with the efforts of the UN System and the Government to encourage the active participation of citizens, especially youth, in processes that concern their future. 
The UNICEF Representative and acting UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro, Benjamin Perks emphasized that the principles of global citizenship are just as important today as they were back in 1945 when the UN was founded.
"That's why we must continue to promote the agenda of the United Nations around the world. We have done a lot of work in limiting the spread of the disease and in promoting dignity in human rights, but we are still faced with many challenges. You are the new generation and we really feel a strong responsibility to take care all together to make the world a better place for you, and for future generations," said Perks.

The State Secretary for Political Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro, Vladimir Radulović emphasized the meaning of human rights protection in modern era.

"If you try to understand - thoroughly and essentially - the concept of human rights, you will see they are exactly and exclusively about the protection of others from ourselves. Because a modern political society, please keep that in mind, is not about computers and Internet. Modern political society is the one capable of protecting those who are different from us. And this is, actually, the essence and concept of human rights," Mr. Radulović stated.

"You are the new generation and we really feel a strong responsibility to take care all together to make the world a better place for you, and for future generations"

Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Representative and acting UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro

Besides representatives of the UN and the Government, participants of the session in the UN Eco House were also young peole from a network of school parliaments, as well as the representativesme program for youth empowerment in northern Montenegro. Young guests also had a chance to tour the UN Eco House and to learn more about the unique concept of the building and about the work of different UN entities under one roof. 
The United Nations was established in October 24, 1945, by adoptiong the UN Charter. Today, the UN members are the governments of 193 countries. Montenegro was admitted to the United Nations shortly after it gained independence - in June 2006, as the 192nd member of the organization.
In accordance with the five basic pillars of the organization, the United Nations in Montenegro operates in the areas of human rights and development, focusing on social inclusion, democratic governance and sustainable development. 
The dialogue in the UN Eco House in Podgorica was followed by a solemn UN Day reception, traditionally organised in Old Royal Capital Cetinje, and hosted by the MInistry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Municipality of Cetinje and UN System in Montenegro.