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IOM Office in Montenegro

The IOM Office in Montenegro was established in 2000. Its activities are aimed at involvement of Montenegro in number of humanitarian and social programs of support and regional projects related to development of institutional and legal framework in the field of asylum, migrations and visa regime.
Following the Referendum on Independence on 21 May 2006, the Republic of Montenegro became Europe’s youngest sovereign state. The international response to the referendum was positive and the European Union (EU) pledged to support the country’s efforts to move forward with the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) process. The country’s transitional context and changing socio-economic environment pose continuing challenges to its progress towards this goal.
The Republic of Montenegro has taken steps to fight human trafficking by introducing relevant legislation, adopting a comprehensive counter-trafficking strategy and forming an inter-ministerial body to oversee its implementation. At the operational level, an anti-trafficking police unit has been established and, in early 2006, the government assumed full responsibility over a shelter for victims of trafficking by providing premises, security and support to its daily activities.  Agreement on cooperation between the Government of Montenegro and IOM regulating the issues of status, privileges and immunities of IOM staff in Montenegro, was signed on February 22, 2008. The IOM projects in Montenegro:
  • Fight against trafficking in human beings
  • AENEAS project “Capacity building, informing and raising awareness with the aim to promote legal migration on Western Balkans ”
  • Strengthening of police capacities in order to prevent cross–border illegal migrations and organized crime
  • Encouraging more active social participation of youth in Montenegro
  • Enhancement of cross-border police cooperation at the state border between the Republic of Croatia and Montenegro
Following several years of close and productive cooperation with the Republic of Montenegro authorities, IOM will continue to provide migration management support, particularly counter-trafficking, counter-smuggling and border management capacity building.
The dedication and professionalism of generations of IOM staff members have together established IOM as the world’s leading migration agency – an Organization we are all proud to serve and call our own. Today, we are more than 7,000 men and women working in over 130 countries around the world.
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