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UNDP in Montenegro

The Mission of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Montenegro is to promote sustainable development which is economically viable, socially inclusive and environmentally friendly.

Montenegro is moving towards membership of the European Union. This requires further strengthening of the country’s institutions, improving administrative capacities, and addressing issues of social exclusion in the country. Additional pressure has been put on Montenegro by the economic crisis, which is affecting the whole country, particularly the North.

UNDP is working to support the Government of Montenegro in its efforts to overcome these challenges. Our work is divided in three main areas. First, UNDP works to promote sustainable economic development by strengthening environmental protection policies, developing sustainable local businesses, and promoting clean energy. Second, we provide support to the country in addressing social exclusion, improving access to services of vulnerable and marginalized groups such as the Roma, preventing and treating HIV, and the empowerment of women. Third, UNDP works on legislative, institutional and administrative reform and capacity development at the central and local level in support to Montenegro in its European and Euro-Atlantic integration processes. The aim is to continue to provide quality, flexible and impact oriented support that will contribute to creating strong and functional institutional framework, strengthening capacities in Montenegro to facilitate European integration process leading to improved quality of the life of citizens.

UNDP in Montenegro works closely with numerous sister UN Agencies under the “Delivering as One” model, to address the country’s development challenges in a coherent and comprehensive manner. UNDP will, together with other resident UN agencies, move to the UN Eco Shared Premises which are currently being constructed.

Profiles of decision makers in UNDP Montenegro

The UNDP Montenegro history in brief:

In 2002 UNDP established a relatively small liaison office in Montenegro, then a Republic of FRY, with two national staff and one international Head of Programme. Over a 5 year period the programme expanded, leading in the course of time to the establishment of a fully-fledged Country Office in 2006.

Montenegro achieved its independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro through a peaceful and democratic referendum in May 2006 and it became 192nd United Nations Member State in June of the same year. At a session held in September 2006 the UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board adopted the Country Programme Document for Montenegro for the period 2007 – 2011.

The purpose of the Country Programme Document is to define priority areas for cooperation and partnership in three major fields: capacity development for public management, greater social inclusion of marginalised groups and promotion of environmentally sensitive economic development.

UNDP Montenegro Team’s overarching goal over the coming years is to accelerate the country’s EU integration aspirations  and to help its progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, and to leave a culture of advocacy upon mission closure through the following corporate thematic areas: 

UNDP Montenegro also continues to promote donor cooperation and coordination, according to the principles of the Paris and Accra declarations. Special attention is given to the strengthening and coordination of UN system at country level.

What have we accomplished so far and what we aim for in the near future
Since 2002, the UNDP Montenegro has been providing support to the Government of Montenegro in its efforts to strengthen institutions, improve administrative capacities, address social exclusion and human development, bridge gaps between governmental and non-governmental sectors, and put definition and action into the eco-state concept as the country moves towards EU membership.


Strategic documents:

 Country Programme Action Plan 2007-2011 (CPAP) 
 Standard Basic Assistance Agreement (SBAA) between the recipient Government and the UNDP
 UNDP Country Programme Document (CPD) for the Republic of Montenegro (2007-2011)
 Montenegro Assessment of Development Results Evaluation of UNDP’s contribution
 Joint Programme Project Document - HIV/AIDS 
 2009 Resident Coordinator Annual Report Montenegro -  Annexes


UNDP Montenegro Operations



How UNDP works with the UN country team

UNDP, jointly with UN sister agencies - Participating Organisations, implements a comprehensive communications strategy which is in line with the Integrated UN Programme and Delivering as One process. The strategy promotes and strengthens the position and image of the UN System in Montenegro as an invaluable partner in a process of Euro-Atlantic integrations and achievement of Millennium Development Goals.


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