IPA gender programme welcomes the adoption of mandatory quota for women on electoral lists

The team of the Gender Programme IPA 2010 welcomes the adoption of the Law on Election of Chancellors and Members of Parliament which stipulates a mandatory quota of 30% for women on electoral lists.

The introduction of quotas is a good entry point which creates an opportunity for women to make a greater contribution to and influence more strongly political decision making.  However, it is necessary that political parties invest additioanl efforts so that women have a true chance to participate in the work of Montenegrin and local parliaments.

Therefore, through the Gender Programme we will provide full support to parliamentary political parties to ensure quality implementation of the new provision of the Law and greater participation of women in the 2013 elections. We believe that in such a manner Montenegro approaches the best practices of the countries in the European Union and fullfills the standards accepted through ratified UN conventions. At the same time, this will enable Montenegrin citizens to build an open, democratic and participatory society of equal opportunities.

We would like to thank Montenegrin intellectuals, the academic community and representatives of three universities- University of Montenegro, University Mediteran and University Donja Gorica, for the public support they provided to the introduction of quotas in the new Electoral Law and for raising public awareness of the importance of greater representation of women in public life.

We also welcome partnership efforts and the contribution of NGOs and the media in promoting women’s human rights.

On behalf of Gender Programme:

Kaća Đuričković, Manager

Achieving equality between men and women is not an end in itself. It is a prerequisite for the realization of human rights, human development and the overall EU objectives related to growth, employment and social cohesion. Status of women in all democratic societies is reflected in the personal integrity, economic prosperity and political representation. The Gender Programme IPA 2010 sets a goal of improving the conditions for implementing the National Action Plan for achieving gender equality through a strengthened capacity and improved institutional mechanisms, as well as improved policies in the areas of domestic violence and political and economic empowerment of women. The Programme is implemented in partnership between the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights of the Government of Montenegro, the Delegation of European Union to Montenegro and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)in Montenegro.