Konik Study published

28 March 2013 
Within the "Durable solution for refugees, displaced and domiciled Roma in Montenegro Project”, funded by MPTF,  a comprehensive research was conducted on various life aspects of residents of Konik, the suburb of Montenegrin capital Podgorica. The Study is raising some of the most important issues that some 30,000 people residing in this area, are facing.
It is estimated that nearly a half of entire Roma and Egyptian population  and some 3,000 of refuges/displaced  (the most vulnerable categories  of population in Montenegro) are residing  in Konik .
The Study consist of two separate Reports:
1. The Report on the Legal Status of persons living in the area of the Konik camp, with recommendations for its improvement - which covers the issues  on regulating  refugees' legal status in Montenegro.
Download: English /0.6MB/  Montenegrin /0.7MB/
2. Study on Durable Solutions for Konik Residents - determining and addressing the  sectors’  specific challenges (education, health, social, employment, etc)  and defining the priority actions and recommendations which once implemented could lead towards positive changes.
Download: English /2.6MB/  Montenegrin /2.8MB/
Both studies support the process of evidence based policy making in the country and better targeting of assistance to the most vulnerable ones.