NGO “Expeditio” visited the UN Eco Building construction site

PODGORICA, March 25, 2011 – In the frameworks of the project “Benefit living” financed by the EU Delegation in Montenegro, representatives of the NGO Expeditio with the partners from Serbia and Slovenia visited the construction site of the future UN Eco Building. The project is aimed at promoting “green” architecture, exchange of experience and analysis of the energy efficient potentials, challenges and trends in family houses architecture. The team visited “green” objects in northern, central and coastal municipalities.

A vital part of the project was team visit to the UN Eco Building construction site, where a UN expert consultant Ksenija Vukmanović explained the genesis of the idea and the concept of the first UN eco building in the world.

“As an architect who deals with energy efficiency I find this project very important
step in implementing “green” standards and a highly positive example of how natural resources can be properly used in modern architecture in order to meet energy efficient potentials. I am sure that this project will fuel further commitments to energy efficient solutions and contribute to the positive trends in “green” architecture both in Montenegro and abroad.” – said Biljana Gligorić from the NGO Expeditio.

The project run by the NGO Expeditio is expected to result in bringing concrete ideas and recommendations for increased implementation of the energy efficient solutions in architecture.

The UN Shared Eco Premises is a result of a joint collaboration between the Government of Montenegro, Government of Austria, Municipality of the Capital City Podgorica and the United Nations team in the country.

The building is conceptualised using efficient, ecological technology and a modern design that would equally satisfy the Montenegro Government’s commitment to the Ecological State and provide the appropriate joint roof for UN family in Montenegro.

UN Eco building development timeframe:

2003 – The Government of Montenegro generously offered to support the process and the agreement was reached to build a shared UN Eco premises in Montenegro;

2004 – The Municipality of the Capital City committed a valuable piece of land on the bank of the river Moraca and waved all taxes and connection fees;

2006 – A competition for the best architectural design of UN Shared Eco Premises was organised in January 2006 in Innsbruck, Austria, by Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and World University Service (WUS) Austria;

2006 – A Memorandum of Understanding on construction of this building, also known as UN Eco Building, was signed between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro and Austrian Development Agency;

2009 – A tender for construction was issued. The United Nations System in Montenegro contracted an engineering company and selected a group of local engineers, which together with Bureau Fughenschuh, the winning architectural firm, worked on developing detailed architectural and engineering drawings based. The UN-contracted engineering company, King Shaw Associates from UK, provided specialist services in developing the UN Shared Eco Premises idea into the concrete architectural and engineering drawings and plans on which the tender procedure was based;

2012 – The completion of the UN Eco building is expected by the end of the year.