Olive trees witness more than 2.000 years of history


Old Olive tree „Mirovica“ from Bar is 2.240 years old. Photo: Courtesy of www.olivetourism.com

15 April 2015 – Bar, Montenegro

“The Old Olive Tree in Bar is 2.240 years old,” this was confirmed at a press conference in a coastal town of Bar at the presentation of results of trees age measurements, conducted at the Istanbul University.
Within the implementation of the project “Enhancing Competitiveness of Local SMEs in Montenegro through Cluster Development”, finance by EU, co-financed and implemented by UNIDO in partnership with UNDP and Ministry of Economy of Montenegro, representatives of Istanbul University along with local stakeholders in November last year took samples from 50 trees, 25 from Bar and 25 from Ulcinj, and sent them for analysis to Istanbul University, Laboratory for Wood anatomy and tree-ring research.
At the presentation of results, organised in the Municipality of Bar, it was announced that the two olive trees are older than 2.000 years, four of them are aged between 1.000 and 2.000 years ago, while remaining trees are old below 1.000 years. The owners have been now assigned certificates that prove the age of the olive trees. The Municipality of Bar was awarded for the Old Olive Tree.
“The age identification activity is just initial step towards creation of world unique Montenegrin Olive oil brand, which will move Montenegrin Olive oil products to high price, niche, markets,” said representative of the Ministry of Economy representative, Mr. Miodrag Latkovic.
The presentation was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Economy, representative of UNIDO, representatives of Association of Bar and Ulcinj, expert consultant from Turkey Mr. Vedat Kunt, vice president of the municipality of Bar with associates and a representative of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro.