Online youth hub in Montenegro launched on the International Youth Day 2014

On the occasion of International Youth Day – August 12, the United Nations System in Montenegro and the Directorate of Youth and Sports presented the website www.sebizelim.me aiming to support young people on different fronts including employment, activism and participation.
As a part of the UN driven youth initiative ’’I wish for myself:’’, the website provides young people with information about the opportunities for their personal and professional development and involvement in decision-making processes. 
“Website also offers mentoring support for young people, which will be provided by their peers and experts from different areas of importance to young people. In addition, it will provide information about youth policy at the national and local levels, as well as information about important actors in this field,” said Jelena Miljanić, Coordinator of the Joint UN Programme for Youth Empowerment at the event attended by representatives of the organizations and institutions dealing with youth policy and youth work.
The Youth Day observance was also an opportunity to look back at what has been done in the first phase of the youth campaign "I wish for myself:" and also to announce next round of activities - a summer educational camp for young people from the North of Montenegro, which will be organized at the end of the month.
“I no longer feel alone in the desire to bring the change. These events helped me to realize that young people in Montenegro have the strength and talent and belief in education, which will make a difference,” said Ms. Kecojević, while her peer Anton Jurovicki rated the initiative as a very useful and innovative. “Activities organised within the first phase of the campaign were obviously well tailored for young people. Youngsters discussing with their peers about their common challenges proved to be really good formula for moving young people”, said Anton Jurovicki.
Krsto Vukadinović from the partnering Directorate of Youth and Sports reminded about the role of that institution and also pointed some of their other key activities in the area of youth policy and legislation. “The Directorate supports establishment of youth clubs in several Montenegrin cities. We also intensively work on the preparation of the ground points of the new national youth strategy,” said Mr. Vukadinović.
Campaign ‘’I wish for myself’’ is part of the joint UN Programme for Youth Empowerment, implemented by the UN agencies in Montenegro in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Youth and Sport. The program aims to empower youth in the areas of employment and participation, with a focus on the North of Montenegro.
Three motivational events for young people in the north of Montenegro were organized in the first phase of campaign ‘’I wish for myself’’ from May to July 2014, where participants were young people who learned about the experiences of peers who have managed to achieve their aspirations. They also had the opportunity to network with institutions and organizations that provide various forms of support to young people. At the educational workshops they discussed about necessary skills and specific ways to achieve personal aspirations.
Motivational events informed and motivated more than 250 young people from nine cities of the North of Montenegro to recognize their potential, to work on their personal and professional development, using existing and creating new opportunities for personal development, employability and participation. Motivational events are organized during May and June 2014 – in Berane (May 31), Bijelo Polje (14th June) and Pljevlja (June 21).  At the end of August, under the initiative ‘’I wish for myself’’, we will organize an educational summer camp. 
The aim of the youth camp on the north of Montenegro is to provide support for the achievement of aspirations of young people in the field of entrepreneurship, employment and activism. The camp will provide participants the specific skills, knowledge and information necessary for the achievement of their aspirations. At the camp, young people will create personal development plans, and after the camp. with the help of mentors, they will have a chance to work on their implementation.