In accordance with the objectives of the year 2010, declared by the European Union as the Year of Social Inclusion, this author project seeks to raise awareness of the Montenegrin society and foster mutual understanding, in order to support the inclusion of one of the most vulnerable groups in the society. The author of the Exhibition is Dusko Miljanic, a reputable Montenegrin photographer says: “Project “Barvale” has been in preparation since 2008, with a purpose to present Roma and Egyptian people in Montenegro in a different way.

The basis of this project was formed by individuals, representatives of Roma and Egyptian community and stories about their professional and personal success that fight stereotypes, reject omnipresent prejudices and alter ingrained perception that is based on ignorance.

By rejecting the social photography form that normally shows Roma and Egyptians living on the margin, through a focus of scarcity and poverty, I placed models in this project in the position of “pop icons”, and “movie stars”, which resulted in a different perspective and put the sign of equality  between them and contemporary Montenegrin society.

Through their addressing, short words of wisdom – either their own, or quotes, those people have painted their life path for themselves and placed additional weight on this project that ended successfully, or in Roma language: “barvale” – (successful).”

The exhibition is being organized with a joint support of the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and the UN Family in Montenegro, while its preparation was assisted by the Red Cross of Montenegro and the Roma Scholarship Foundation..

The Exhibition will take place in the Art Gallery, Trg Republike, on 7 April at 18h.