Tailoring solutions for youth employment

The Youth Employment Solutions (YES) kicked off its second phase - suggesting best solutions, after an extensive initial phase, which included both on-line and off-line discussion of hundreds of young people all over Montenegro.
Most of the discussion was done via the YES web portal specialy designed to enable direct participation of young people and others in solving problems related to youth unemployment.  
Apart from the on-line discussion, the project included face-to-face workshops with young people from vulnerable groups, who might not have access to internet. The workshops had the same purpose – designing solutions for youth unemployment challenges.

Current, the suggesting solutions phase, brings together young people, youth NGOs and NGOs working with youth to propose solutions for the youth unemployment problem in one of the 3 posed specific topics:

  • Ensuring that young people are equipped with necessary skills for finding a job;
  • Overcoming barriers to youth entrepreneurship;
  • Strenghtening link between youth and institutions dealing with youth related issues?

Suggesting solutions phase lasts until 27th January. Few days later, solutions will be posted on the portal and opened for voting by web site visitors and jury. The visitors and jury will decide upon 3 best solutions which will be financed for implementation.

The process of reaching concrete solutions is organised in four stages:
  1. Discussion;
  2. Suggesting solutions;
  3. Choosing best ones;
  4. Implementation.