The gathering of artists, organized by NGO “Old Bridge” and supported by the UN family in Montenegro, which lasted for the past ten days in Bijelo Polje, was closed today. An impressive amount of art work was produced by 38 participating artists from ten countries, with a variety of approaches and interpretations. All artists faced a real challenge to interpret such complex topics like poverty and social exclusion.
The night before the closing, there was an informal exhibition of works made during past ten days. Most of them are oil paintings, but there are a dozen of sculptures as well. Artists were asked to, if possible, convey a positive message on overcoming the poverty. The outcome of the art colony is that some 50% of works portray the poverty and 50% convey a positive message on capacities to overcome it, which in total makes a balanced message.

Almost all of the artists are involved in pro-bono work with marginalised groups in various countries. Through art activities they assist children deprived of family care and protection, orphans, mental institutions for adults and children, people with disabilities and Roma, to explore their creative capacities and improve their well being and self esteem through a positive experience. Surely, some of the painters have expressed the drama of poverty and painful experiences they witnessed in their works.

The exhibition of art work produced through this activity will be organized in Podgorica, in October to mark the International Day for Eradication of Poverty.