UN Day 2017: Towards Sustainable Future

Podgorica, 24 October 2017

SDG #4 - Quality Education is crucial for the future of Montenegro, because education is the most important way out of poverty” said 17-years-old Katarina Šćepanović from Danilovgrad, on the occasion of United Nations Day celebration in Montenegro. She was one of five young people who shared their unique perspectives on priority Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for country’s future at the observance which focused on youth as the greatest potential for Montenegro. UN Day celebration under the theme “Towards Sustainable Future” was co-hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Zoran Pažin and the UN System in Montenegro.
Katarina’s peer, 19 years old Miodrag Račić underlined importance of SDG #9, particularly innovation, and pointed out the importance of keeping up with technology advancement, while his peer Kristina stressed out the importance of SDG #3 and investing in health. “Health is basis and starting point for achieving any other goal” said she and pointed to one of SDG #3 targets – eradication of diseases such as AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis by 2030. Her peer Dejan Bešović, 18-years-old environment activist from Podgorica, expressed concern for economy’s impact on environment, highlighting the SDG #13 as the most important for prosperity of Montenegro, while his peer Adrijana Paljušević from Tuzi shared her belief that SDG #10 – Reducing Inequalities is the foundation for harmonious life and for overcoming and accepting differences. All five of young people shared their personal experiences concerning each of the goal they presented as priority for Montenegro.
"The puzzle made of all these goals, including goal 10, is my vision of the future"

Andrijana Paljušević, 19 years

Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin underlined country’s strong commitment to implementation of Agenda 2030. “Montenegro is one of the first countries which implemented Sustainable Development Goals in the National Strategy for Sustainable Development,” said Mr. Pažin who emphasized the value of young people potentials for country’s future. “Through the Youth Empowerment Programme, Government of Montenegro and the UN System in the country jointly invest efforts in helping young people to get prepared for uncertain future, to unlock their potentials and to motivate them to use available chances,” he said.
"The voice of young people is not and will not be undervalued in Montenegro. We clearly recognize endless potentials of young people as well as their crucial role for the future of Montenegro"

Zoran Pažin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice of Montenegro

Speaking on behalf of UN Country Team in Montenegro, the UN Resident Coordinator in the country Fiona McCluney stressed out Montenegro’s valuable contribution to the United Nations in relatively short period of 11 years of its membership in the organisation. She underlined three particular areas of contribution: Peacekeeping, Human Rights and Sustainable Development, with focus on Montenegro’s proactive role in implementation of Agenda 2030. “All countries are independent in bringing the vision of Agenda 2030 to reality, and Montenegro did it. The country made it its own through the National Strategy for Sustainable Development,” said Ms. McCluney and passed inspiring message of the UN Secretary General on the occasion of UN Day.
"This is complex agenda, which at it’s core has important links between social, environmental and economic aspects of development"

Fiona McCluney, UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro

The event organised in the diplomatic residence Villa Gorica, displaying colorful 3D Sustainable Development Goals, gathered number of national and international officials, dignitaries, diplomats, UN partners and supporters.