UN Eco Building concept reflects the One UN context

A unique nature of the UN Eco Building, which will house all resident UN agencies in Montenegro, was presented by its designer and architect Daniel Fügenschuh at the Green Building Council’s seminar “Eco building”, an awareness-raising event aimed at promotion of ‘green’ architecture, held at the University of Montenegro.

The one floor building on the bank of river Morača in Podgorica, under construction at the moment, is a joint initiative of Governments of Montenegro and Austria and the System of the United Nations in Montenegro.

“In time when we were developing the initiative of the UN Eco building, ‘One UN’ concept was in its embryo phase. I was wondering how to reflect equal participation of each UN agency in Montenegro and so I decided to position all of them on one floor, and that’s how we came to this interesting one-floor design. Also, the building is set into the landscape as low
and flat as possible, in order to make it as natural extension to the Millennium bridge landmark”, Fügenschuh explained an unusual horizontal-flat design of the building designed according to the finest ecological principles and self-sufficiency in terms of energy.


Designer and architect of the UN Eco Building Daniel Fügenschuh at the Green Building Council’s seminar “Eco building”
Photo: Risto Božović

The common premises will enable the UN agencies in Montenegro (IOM, UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO) to more effectively channel and coordinate their programmatic activities in the country. Thus, increased efficiency is expected in providing support to the Government of Montenegro in addressing its national priorities.

Besides future UN Eco Building, the first of its kind in the world, Fügenschuh presented concepts of several more eco-friendly buildings he designed. The seminar organized by the Green Building Council coincided with the 20th anniversary of the parliamentary Declaration of Montenegro as an Ecological State.

World Green Building Council is a network of national Councils, whose mission is to accelerate the transformation of the built environment towards sustainability. GBC leads the shift towards building in a sustainable and responsible manner by educating industry leaders, consulting with policy makers, and sharing knowledge and best practices within the global GBC Network.