UNICEF National Ambassador Rambo Amadeus and Montenegro’s children sing about equity

“Under the sky we are all equal, although we are different among each other”  – sing Montenegro’s children and UNICEF Montenegro National Ambassador Rambo Amadeus in the It’s about ability song launched on December 26, 2011.

Through this song, UNICEF National Ambassador and Montenegro’s children are inviting citizens to embrace diversity by promoting children with and without disabilities to be friends and play together all over the country. “Ice-bergs are melting, the climate is warming up, nobody should be cold-hearted. It’s about ability.”

The song is dedicated to all children of the world and it is part of the efforts by the Government and UNICEF to eradicate discrimination against children with disabilities through the campaign “It’s about ability”.

The song was launched on three most watched national TV stations, most visited online news-portals and you-tube. It got more than 12,000 hits online in only 3 days. The song is a hit not only in Montenegro, as many media in the region broadcast it.

Naša đeca ft. Rambo Amadeus – “Govorimo o mogućnostima”
(production Rabbit Records, 2011)
“I was quite nervous at the beginning of the recording of the TV spot, but after 2-3 hours it was all going smoothly. We worked together really nicely and I think you can see that on the TV spot.” says Antonije Pusic. Famous musician in the Balkans and UNICEF National Ambassador Antonije Pusic, alias Rambo Amadeus, wrote the song verses together with a group of children with and without disabilities. After he produced the music, the video for the song was recorded in the Music high school in the capital, where children with and without disabilities played music, sang and danced together. It was a completely new experience for UNICEF National Ambassador.
Bojana and Miljan Otasevic, children with visual impairments, were part of a group of more than 30 young people who worked with the UNICEF Ambassador on the song. “When I heard that I was going to record a TV spot and a song with Rambo Amadeus, I was overwhelmed with happiness” says Bojana. According to her, “this TV spot has made children with and without disabilities become closer to each other”.

Her brother Miljan thinks that “this TV spot and many other activities of the It’s about ability campaign are simply great steps forward”. The song was made within the UNICEF initiated It’s about ability campaign, which has been promoting inclusion of children with disabilities in Montenegro since September 1, 2011.

Significant progress has already been achieved by the It’s about ability campaign as shown by the evaluation survey from November 2011. 23% of citizens have changed positively their behaviour towards children with disabilities as a result of the campaign in 2011. The percentage of citizens who consider children with disabilities to be equally valuable members of society has increased by 18% since the campaign started in September 2010.


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