UNIDO enables Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies (TEST) in Mojkovac, Montenegro

Mojkovac, 25 April 2014
UNIDO signed a new, two year project, in close collaboration with Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, funded by the Slovenian Government, with the overall goal of enhancing the quality of polluted water that cannot be used for drinking, bathing, industry or agriculture and detrimentally impacts upon human health and development. 
Using state-of-the-art eco-remediation technologies for waste water treatment and restoration of eco-system services, the project will contribute to environmental sustainability as well as to sustainable socio-economic development in Mojkovac and Montenegro. The project will further preserve industrial, agricultural and tourism development potential and reduce detrimental health impacts caused by polluted water.
Mr. Susan Christina, UNIDO project manager, pointed out that the project aims at sustainabile use of waters. "The project will provide the use of the latest technology in cleaning sludge from waste water treatment plant in Mojkovac and capacitate people for the sustainable use of these technologies," he emphasized.
The UNIDO Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies (TEST) methodology is a systematic approach to facilitate the transfer of Best Environmental Practice (BET) and appropriate technology as well as to build institutional capacities for its application so that sustainable solutions for costs effective and efficient pollution abatement can be identified and implemented.