In a year’s time, the Capital city will have an eco-building of the United Nations, which will be built on the left bank of Moraca river, between the Moscow Bridge and the Millennium Bridge.
The space behind the public parking lot, which was once the military barracks “Moraca”, is already marked, cabins for workers are set, and as the “Vijesti” were told by the Director of the Directorate for Public Works Zarko Zivkovic, preparatory activities on the organization of the construction site are underway.

– It is planned that the execution of works starts in early September and agreed timeline for construction is 12 months – said Zivkovic.

He said that works on the construction of a modern eco-UN building in Podgorica are financed by the Government of Montenegro, through the Directorate of Public Works, and after conducting the tender, a contract has been signed with the bidder who submitted the best offer.

– The best bidder was “Gradnja promet”, a company from Danilovgrad, and the contract value is 2,762,658.02 euro. Out of this amount, 400,000 euro will be secured by capital budget for this year, while the rest in the amount of 2,362,658.02 euro will be provided from the budget next year – said Zivkovic.

The future UN building in Podgorica will have a total gross area of 1,700 square meters, and according to the earlier announcements, it was supposed to be built two years ago.

Otherwise, in the tender that was announced in February this year, it was indicated that the estimated value of work is 4.2 million euro, and that it will be provided through the capital budget for 2010 in the amount of 400 000 euro, while the rest in the amount of 3.8 million euro would be provided through the capital budget in 2011. The winning design project for the United Nations eco-building – whose authors are Austrian architects Daniel Fugenschuh and Kirstin Rogge was presented in Podgorica in April 2006, while in January next year their work was chosen as the best one at the competition in Austria.

Also, within the presentation, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) between the then-Foreign Minister Miodrag Vlahovic and the Austrian Ambassador in Belgrade Gerhard Jandl.

Natural ventilation

The building, which opens up to the riverbank, will be embedded in the landscape and visually present itself as the horizontal counterpart to the adjoining Millennium Bridge. Otherwise, the various agencies of the United Nations in Montenegro, such as, among others – UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR, will be brought together under a single roof slab that is perforated with large openings for natural ventilation and lighting. Photovoltaic cells floating above the roof slab act as a shading device while also providing enough energy to meet the building’s estimated annual energy demands. The ventilation system works on the displacement principal, using the heat generated in the interior to drive the movement of air.

Published in Vijesti Daily, 19 August 2010