What do we wish for ourselves?

Blog post by Andjela Mićanović, intern in the UN Coordinatin Team in Montenegro
During last couple of months, I have had great opportunity to be a part of the initiative I wish for myself, conducted by the United Nations system in Montenegro in close coordination with the Ministry of Education/Directorate of Youth and Sports. Part of the initiative assumed several motivation events for youth.
The energy of youth ready to share experiences, problems and concerns, with the help of people who really want to see thechange in the society, gathered in three cities on the North of Montenegro during three motivation events. The first event was held in High school Panto Mališić in Berane. We were welcomed by young people full of positive energy, the room redolent of benevolent support, friendship and individuals curious to hear stories of their peers!
"I think this is the first time that someone actually asks young people what they want and is really willing to hear what young people have to say," said Jovana Zivkovic, one of the motivation speakers - pro-active young girl who has a strong desire to influence thinking of youth and to encourage them. The event was attended by many young people who dare to reach their dreams. They have helped us to realize that there are a lot of positive examples all around us and that Montenegro is a country with as many opportunities as we are willing to see and take advantage of.
What are we waiting for?
Today, every Montenegrin student, with his effort and work, can use an opportunity to have some academic training abroad, internship, travel to a country that he/she wants - thanks to numerous scholarships that now are given to youth.  All you need is perseverance, dedication and persistent work.
We had a chance to meet with some opportunities that are open to a young person living in Montenegro. Through conversation with representatives of youth organizations we noticed that everyone who has an idea and an entrepreneurial spirit can express it with the financial assistance they can receive through various competitions. To say it simple - the doors of the world are wide open for the youth of Montenegro and it’s up to us whether we close our eyes to them or not.
Small people with great minds
Campaign I wish for myself was a unique opportunity for young people, especially for those from the North of Montenegro, to see that a small town does not necessarily mean the inability to progress.
While being in Pljevlja I met a great Alen Demirovic who is a hairdresserand vice-champion of Europe. I met Radoslav Zecevic, who is twenty years old and has found a clever way to use resources of the North and, for many years, heis successfully engaged in beekeeping.He studies at the Faculty of Agriculture and earns his own money.
I also met young volunteers from Bijelo Polje, whom, unfortunately, are not many, but they are committed to their desire and readyto bringthe positive change in their communities - they organized a charity concert to help their fellow citizens, events for young people, in order encourage their peers to be active and improve their status in society.
The greatest risk is not taking the risk
At the motivational events, young people urged their peers to wake up, to pursue themselves to reach higher goals, to forget about limits and to give the best they can - not to wait for their dreams to come true, but to take concrete steps to meet them and their better future. "Not to wait all week for Friday, all year round for summer, and life-long for happiness," but to go for it immediately!             
The workshops encouraged networking and mutual introducing of participants. Many friendships were born, and some new projects started. One of them you can see at the web address http://ivanazoric.wordpress.com/ - Ivana Zoric, a sixteen year old girl, who is also the youngest motivation speaker, set up a blog, through which she is tryingto reach out their peers in Berane.   
Suturesare in our hands. Do everything you want, try, because "the greatest risk is not taking the risk."
In late August we will continue to develop our friendships during a three-day camp for youth. We will have the opportunity to connect, learn how to write a CV, motivation letter, meet with people and opportunities, write a plan for our future activities and get mentors who will help us to take our plans into action...Sign up!