World Health Day 2015: From farm to plate, make food safe

Podgorica, 7 April 2015 

Food safety was at the heart of the World Health Day 2015.

Aspects of food production and distribution in modern era were discussed at the joint conference organised on that occasion jointly by the WHO Office in Montenegro and national Institute for Public Health.
"The food production is industrialized. Globalized trade and distribution increases posiblity that unsafe food reach the most remote parts of the world, or that food is contaminated during transport" said Boban Mugoša, Director of the Institute. He underlined that the access of safe and quality food in adequate quantities is basis for sustainability of life and preservation of health.  

“Use of sanitary unsafe food can lead to outbreaks of food poisoning with short or long term impact. Diseases related to improper nutrition are associated directly or indirectly with diseases that are the leading causes of death, such as diseases of the blood and blood vessels and diabetes," warned Mugoša.
The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Montenegro, Mina Brajović said that access to healthy food is precondition for protecting and promoting health.
"Healthy food is a basis of the overall development of society, the national economy, trade, tourism and sustainable development," explained Brajović and reminded that two million people are affected by health conditions caused by unsafe food such as diarrhea and salmonella.
"These types of epidemics are obstacles for the overall development of society, because they burden the health system, trade, tourism and thus reduces productivity", said Brajović announcing that the WHO will soon publish a global report with comprehensive assessment of the overall burden of society caused by that type of diseases.
"The obligation of the state is to create normative and strategic framework as a basis for the implementation of an effective food safety system," said Brajović and  reminded that Montenegro adopted the Strategy for Health and Food Safety Action Plan for Nutrition and Food Safety, and that new law and regulations on food and drinking water are being prepared. 
Hygiene specialist and focal point for food in the Institute for Public Health, Zorica Djordjevic presented the most common ways of food contamination and pointed to the "Five Keys to WHO for safe food".