Young people should chase their dreams

Pljevlja, 21 June 2014
Youth motivational event organised in Pljevlja wrapped up the first round of activities within the initiative "I want", which aims to support young people to achieve their aspirations, especially in the areas of employment and participation. The initiative is part of a joint UN Programme which strives to empower young people, focusing on the underdeveloped North of Montenegro.
Young people from Pljevlja, Zabljak, Niksic and Bijelo Polje gathered to learn about the positive experiences of seven motivational speakers - young people who have managed to achieve their aspirations on their own. 
"I'm not one of those who wait for Friday entire week, or who spend a year thinking about summer and a lifetime waiting for happiness. I believe in hard work and perseverance, in constant improvement of knowledge and skills," said to his peers a young hairdresser from Pljevlja Alen Demirović, who has completed two hairdressing academies by now and who holds a title of heardressing vice-champion of Europe. Alen believes that the readiness of youth to constantly change and improve their knowledge is the basic prerequisite for the full realization of their potentials. "Changing the man in the mirror is the greatest accomplishment you can make," says Alen.
Bojana Bojović from Pljevlja, who has its own dental laboratory for more than two years, underlined to the participants how important is to believe in themselves. "Everyone should chase own dream. The biggest risk for a young person is not taking a risk at all," said Bojana. 
"Why shouldn't you use Facebook to create business opportunities?" eighteen year old Rajko Orman from Niksic asked his peers. Rajko is leading a non-governmental organization Green transistor, which is dealing with computer science, activism and ecology.
Twentyfour year old Jovana Zivkovic, who works in the University Center for Career Development, said that the campaign "I want“ is special in many ways. "This is, I think, the first time someone asked young people what they want and is ready to really hear what young people have to say," said Jovana.
In addition to motivational speeches, participants had the opportunity to attend mini-fair in the lobby, where they linked up with local and national institutions and organizations, who presented their programs and services aimed to support young people in order to increase youth employment, entrepreneurship and activism. Participants also had an opportunity to 'make a wish' and share it with the others by putting it on Aspiration Board. Moreover, they could sign up for a summer camp that will be organized at the end of the summer.
Prior to Pljevlja, motivational events were organised in Bijelo Polje on June 14th and in Berane on May 31st, bringing together young people from these and surrounding cities on the North of Montenegro. Event in Pljevlja is the last in a series of motivational events for young people in the north, that were organized as a part of the initiative “I want''. In the end of summer will be organized a youth camp in the north of Montenegro, which will offer participants skills, knowledge and information they need for employment, running their own business, as well as activism and participation in decision-making. By initiative it is scheduled that young people get mentors who will help them realize plans and ideas they develop during the camp.
"The initiative “Sebi želim” (I want) is based on the results of the research which the UN System in Montenegro conducted in 2013 which, among other things, showed that nearly half of young people in Montenegro believe that personal acquaintance is crucial for employment, while most young people want to work in the public sector. The analysis has also revealed that one third of young people in Montenegro is considering starting their own business, but only 4% had taken concrete steps in this direction," said Jelena Miljanic, Coordinator of the UN Programme aimed to empower young people.
She also stated that the goal of the initiative is to help young people recognize their own capacities and aspirations and to stimulate them "not to wait for opportunities, but to create them." 
In addition to the motivational events and summer camp initiative "Wish to myself" will gather young people on social networks - Facebook :, Twitter: @SebiŽelim | #SebiZelim.         
The initiative, which will be implemented in the period May - December 2014, is part of the joint UN Programme for Youth Empowerment, implemented by UN agencies *** in Montenegro in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Youth and Sports. The initiative is also supported by number of local partners.
Organization of the events for young people in Berane, Bijelo Polje and Pljevlja is supported by the Municipalities of Berane, Bijelo Polje and Pljevlja, Gymnasium "Panto Mališić", Faculty of Economics Bijelo Polje, Employment Agency/local Centers for career information and counseling, and NGO Da zazivi selo.
*** The United Nations System in the country is comprised of five resident agencies: UN Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), International Organisation for Migration (IOM), World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as seven regionally based UN organisations: UNESCO, IAEA, UNEP, UNIDO, FAO, UNECE, UN WOMEN.