Youth campaign “I wish for myself”

What do the young people in Montenegro want? What are their aspirations? Which challenges do they face?
Without assuming answers, the United Nations agencies conducted a comprehensive research on youth in Montenegro within the framework of the joint UN Programme on Youth Empowerment in the areas of employment and participation, focusing on the North of the country.
The research showed that more than 43% of youth in Montenegro believes that personal connections and friendships are crucial for employment. The Survey also showed that young people in Montenegro are not satisfied with the support they receive from institutions and are insufficiently informed about the existing employment programs. One third of young people are considering starting their own business, but only 4% of those are taking concrete steps. However, 90% of young people want their voice to be heard, to participate in decision-making and in improving the environment they live in!
The United Nations System in the country together with the Ministry of Education and Directorate for Youth and Sports launched the initiative „Sebi želim” meaning “I Want for Myself:” aimed at gathering young people from the North to help them recognize their potentials and to learn about ways for achieving their own aspirations.

The energy of young people from the North poured in three cities - Berane, Bijelo Polje and Pljevlja. Motivational events in these cities gathered young people from nine northern municipalities in which young, proactive people talked about their own experiences and successes in order to encourage their peers to develop their potentials so they could achieve their own aspirations and create opportunities for themselves.

"What do we, young people, wait for to start something that we want to see happening?" 17 years old Ivana Zorić from Berane asked her peers, while the young hairdresser from Pljevlja Alen Demorović emphasised that young people should not be waiting. “I am one of those who did not want to wait all week for Friday, all year for summer and all life for happiness,” said Alen.

"Everything I am interested in, everything that can be somehow useful, I just look for it, apply and become a part of it,” said 24 years old Jovana Živković from the Nikšić. Her peer from Bijelo Polje, Džefris Dizdarević said that “young people should be pursuing their own business, but in order to do so, they need relevant knowledge!”

"After all, it's not a question of what you are studying, what do you do, or if this is really the career that you want one hundred percent, it is about how your everyday looks like,” concluded Jovana Živković. 

Motivational events organised within the framework of "Sebi želim" (“I Want for Myself:”) initiative are the pioneering concept of pooling the energy of young people in Montenegro.
Listening to inspiring experiences of peers who have achieved their aspirations, young people from the North learnt about the opportunities for achieving their own goals.
"Today, people convinced me that I can be better," said young football player Emin Kasumović from Bijelo Polje, who attended the motivational event in Pljevlja.  Ivana Smolović, a 17 years old from a small town of Žabljak at the North of Montenegro found the motivational event very encouraging. “Hearing experiences from our peers coming from similar environments, learning how they are overcoming obstacles we all face, that is so useful for us, young people,” said Ivana.